Ammonia Chemicals and Common chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Hill Brothers Chemical Company
Producer and distributor of anhydrous ammonia, chloride gas & sodium hypochloride, calcium chloride, magnesium hydroxide and polypropylene fibers for concrete.
Mason Chemical
Supplier of quaternary ammonium compounds serving the pulp and paper, sanitization, water treatment, disinfection and hair-conditioning industries.
Bombay Ammonia & Chemical Co.
Producer of ammonia solutions and distributor of anhydrous ammonia in western India.
Namhae Chemical Corp.
Produces more than 40 kinds of fertilizers including urea and compound fertilizers, fertilizers for gardening and fruit trees, BB fertilizer and 20 kinds of chemical products.
Trikaldarshi Chemical Industries
Manufacturer and exporter of ammonia gas and anhydrous/liquor ammonia.
Genzyme Pharmaceuticals
Provider of a wide range of high-quality drug delivery materials and expertise, pharmaceutical peptides, including synthetic lipids, hyaluronic acid, peptide intermediates and segments and segments, amino acid derivatives, and other specialized inorganics.
Hubei Shuanghuan Alkali
China based producer of pure alkali and ammonium chloride products.
Southern Ionics (SII)
Also produces sodium carbonate solutions, inhibited sulfuric acid, various concentrations of sulfu. American based manufacturer of specialty and intermediate inorganic chemicals, specializes in aluminum, magnesium, sulfur and zirconium chemicals.
Canadian based manufacturer of granular urea and anhydrous ammonia, serves mainly the fertilizer industry.
Chongqing Fuyuan Chemical
Manufacturer of high-purity ammonium bicarbonate, sodium nitrate, CO2 (liquid) , potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite, ammonium nitrate and dilute nitric acid.
High Force Research
Also, provides process advising and R&D services. Developer and producer of organic synthetics, pharmaceutical intermediates and related laboratory equipment.
Kemira Agro
International manufacturer of plant nutrients chemicals, industrial chemical supply includes ammonia, nitric acid and urea.
Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals
India-based manufacturer of ammonia, nitric acid, methanol and nitrophosphate fertilizer.
Regional producer of ammonia solution and distributor of anhydrous ammonia.
Provider of feedstock chemicals, fuels, asphalt, coke, alkenes, synthetic resins and fibers, ammonia and urea. International petrochemical manufacturer and refiner.
Plenty River
Also, involved in mineral exploration in Australia. Manufacturer of ammonia and urea products.
Dishman USA
Manufacturer of quaternary ammonium and phosphonium products.
International manufacturer and provider of explosives for the mining industry, ammonia, adhesives, resins , agrochemicals, fertilizers, decorative coatings and other specialized chemicals.
Fauji Fertilizer
Fertilizer manufacturing company with over 40% share of urea manufacturing and marketing in Pakistan.
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