Alkali and Chlorine Chemicals and Common chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

United Phosphorus
Manufacturer of generic crop protection products, bleaching powders, pigments, liquid chlorine , including phosphoric acid, dye intermediates, intermediates and specialty chemicals and soda ash.
Jiangsu Meilan Group
Manufacturer of PTFE resin, chlorine alkali, fluoro-based refrigerants and zirconium salts.
India's chemical company produces and exports sulphinic, sulphonic, acids and salts.
China National United Oil (CHINAOIL)
Petrochemicals include substituted phenyl organics, acids, soda ash and salts. Involved in oil exploration, production, transportation, refinery and marketing of petroleum-derived products.
American Ripener Company, Inc.
The company also provides sales of ripening room supplies. Products are sold to the tobacco and farm produce industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Producer of plant ripening chemical agents and mechanical dispensers.
Solvay Minerals, Inc.
Products are sold to the glass, detergent, chemical processing, water treatment, pulp and paper industries. Producer of soda ash, metabisulfite, sodium bisulfite solution and sodium sulfite.
Britannia Zinc
A producer of Zinc and Lead, with Cadmium and Sulphuric acid as co-products. A MIM group company based in the UK.
Xuzhou KWS Disinfectant
Chlor-alkali manufacturer of dichloro isocyanurate and trichloro isocyanuric acid.
JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. / JCI Tacoma
Distributor of chlorine, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite and anhydrous ammonia. Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of sodium hypochlorite and aqua ammonia.
FMC Corp. / Alkali Chemicals Division
Products are sold to the glass, detergent, pu. Manufacturer of alkali and phosphorus chemicals including soda ash and sodium carbonates, cleaning chemicals including detergent ingredients, dairy feed additives and sodium cyanide and caustic soda.
Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Group
Manufacturer of chlor-alkalies, agrochemicals, chlorine based compounds, organic intermediates and industrial gases.
Amber Synthetics
Products are sold to multiple industries. Developer and producer of chemicals for the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.
Brunner Mond
European producer and supplier of alkaline chemicals; specializes in soda ash and sodium bicarbonate.
ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. / Intermediate and Fine Chemicals Group
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by corporate investment. Producer of organic chemicals, peroxides, chlor alkali, sodium chlorate, fluorochemicals, fluorospar and minerals.
Pioneer Americas, Inc.
Products are sold to the chemical industry, and to municipalities. Manufacturer of water treatment chemicals including chlorine, caustic soda chemicals and hydrochloric acid.
Hubei Shuanghuan Alkali
China based producer of pure alkali and ammonium chloride products.
CCM Chemicals
Manufacturer of chlor-alkali products, watercare and rubber chemical products, and distributor of industrial and specialty chemicals.
Vulcan Chemicals
Pro. Producer of numerous chemicals including caustic soda, chlorite, caustic potash, potassium carbonate, sodium chloride, pentachlorophenol, sodium hydrosulphite, carbon tetrochloride, perychloroethylene, tri-chloroethylene and methyl chloride.
Shanghai Tian Yuan (Group) Corporation
Located in Shanghai, China. China based manufacturer of raw industrial chemicals, specializing in alkalii, chlorine, fluorine and plastics, and other specialized reagents.
Ajay North America, LLC
The company also produces sodium, potassium and calcium iodate. Products are sold to multiple industries. Producer of iodine compounds.
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