Alcohol Chemicals and Common chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Royal Nedalco
Nedalco Group is a joint venture between the Dutch sugar producers Cosun and CSM. Manufacturer of specialty neutral alcohols.
Shanxi Shundu Group
Manufacturer of carbamide, isocyanuric acid and white spirits.
Houghton Chemical
Manufacturers and distributors of specialty chemicals, acids, aldehydes, ethyl alcohols, amines, chlorinated solvents, esters, glycols, silicones , water treatment reagents, alcohols, including heat transfer fluids and surfactants.
Jiangsu Xinya Chemical Group
Manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals including DMF, methylamine, hydrogen peroxide, ethanol , formamide, melamine, isopropylamine and synthetic ammonia.
Qingdao Langyatai
Manufacturer of itaconic acid, cider and high-grade grain spirits.
Kyowa Hakko
Provider of amino acids, nucleic acids and other pharmaceutical ingredients as well as industrial chemicals and food products.
Manufacturer of alcohols and derivatives, synthetic resins, processed plastics and PTFE products.
JLM Industries
International manufacturer and distributor of performance chemicals and specialty plastics including acids, aromatics, solvents , alkalii, boron compounds, aluminum compounds and other specialty reagents.
Ethanol Technology
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Shanxi Province Gaoping Chemical Industry
Manufacturer of specialty alcohols and inorganic salts including 2-furan formaldehyde (furfural), 2-furaur methyl alcohol (furfuryl), furan resin (for foundry) and sodium acetate.
Also refines petroleum supplying fuels, lubricants and gases. Distillery of alcoholic beverages and manufacturer of cement.
Products include petrol, diesel, kerosene, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and fuel oil, as well as a range of anhydrous alcohols. Supplier of liquid fuels from natural gases from southern Africa.
Importer and exporter of specialty alcohols.
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