Agrochemical Chemicals and Common chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

International chemical manufacturer offering chlorines complexes, herbicides, surfactants and auxiliaries for textile and construction.
United Phosphorus
Manufacturer of generic crop protection products, bleaching powders, pigments, liquid chlorine , including phosphoric acid, dye intermediates, intermediates and specialty chemicals and soda ash.
AH Marks
Producer of fine specialty organic chemicals including agrochemicals, inhibitors and retarders, dyestuffs, chlorinated and nitrated reagents, lithographic chemicals and retarders, lithographic chemicals, phenoxy acids and esters.
Huangjia Biochemicals
Specialty chemical manufacturer of Natural brassins (NBR) a new generation (Category VI) of plant growth regulator.
Mississippi Phosphates Corporation
Manufacturer of fertilizers with all three primary crop nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
The product is registered by the EPA. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Producer of BUSHWHACKER(R) organic pesticides which are used for fireants, roaches, weevils and termites.
Brabant Research, Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Producer of specialty biotechnological chemicals used in insceticides, fungicides, fertilizers, enhanced fruits and vegetables.
Cyprus Agriculture Chemicals Agents Importers
List of: Agricultural Chemicals Agents & Importers
LG Chem
Producer of textile dyes, agrochemicals, functional coatings, powder coatings , ultraviolet stabilizers, picture tube phosphors, surfactants and epoxy resins.
Bio Huma Netics, Inc.
The agricultural products are soil amendments, foliar feeds and seed stimulants. The other products are for the breakdown of sludge in wastewater . Manufacturer and distributor of biostimulants for the agricultural and environmental industries.
Agro-K Corporation
Support farmers and growers in their continuous effort to produce high quality crops and livestock
Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Group
Manufacturer of chlor-alkalies, agrochemicals, chlorine based compounds, organic intermediates and industrial gases.
Goodpasture, Inc.
Products are sold to the agricultural industry. Producer of fertilizer.
Producer of antioxidants for the food and feed industries.
Supplier of fungicides, inoculants, herbicides and others.
Valent USA Corp.
Develops and markets products that protect crops, beautify the environment, enhance yields, improve food quality and safeguard public health.
Nissan Chemical Industries
International manufacturer of specialty and fine chemicals and agrochemicals including superphosphate fertilizers, colloidal silica and other colloidal compounds.
Dow AgroSciences
A crop protection company with diverse interests, insect and disease management for agricultural crops, including weed and urban pest management.
Troy Corp.
Also producer of algicides for the treatment of water and paint additives. Products are sold to the paint, coatings, tex. Producer of industrial specialty chemicals used in paints, metals and oils, which protect materials from bacteria and fungi.
Supplier of organic products aimed to create stronger root systems and healthier plants while reducing fertilizer needs.
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