Acids organic and inorganic chemicals and Common chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Hill Brothers Chemical
Producer and developer of construction chemicals, alkalii, chlorine , basic acids, calcium chloride, ammonia and wastewater treatment systems and other specialty chemicals.
Jiangsu Huaihe Chemical Plant
Manufacturer and exporter of nitrotoluenes, toluidines and DSD acid as well as marker lacquer.
Chinametal International
Suplier of inorganic salts and minerals, ITO (indium-tin-oxide), tungsten , titanium dioxide, manganese, including powders of aluminum and molybdenum wire sulphates of zinc, copper and nickel.
Also provides simplified process flow diagrams. Manufacturer of acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer, as well as methyl acetate, acetic acid, polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetate.
Products include titanium dioxide, calcium chloride, glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, boric acid, soda ash, salicylic acid, stearic acid, caustic soda and PVC. Supplier and exporter of basic and commodity chemicals.
Hebei Yanuo Chemical Industry
Also produces fine organics such as pyridines, basic acids and amides. Provides custom chemical synthesis.
Wuxi Xilong Chemical
Manufacturer and exporter of tartaric acid and tartrates.
Zibo Dongfeng Chemical
Manufacturer of fine chemicals including chloroacetic and monochloroacetic acids, ethyl cyanoacetates, dimethyl and diethyl malonates and diethyl dipropylmalonate.
Panjin Xinxing Chemical Plant
Manufacturer and exporter of dimethyl sulfoxid and dimethyl sulfone in industrial and pharmaceutical grades.
H&S Chemical
Manufacturer of fine inorganic iodides, lithium oidide, silver iodide, cesium iodide, magnesium iodide , copper iodide, lead iodide, including hydriodic acid and ammonium iodide.
Suzhou Branch Of Nantong Sunda Amino Acid
Manufacturer and exporter of amino acids, fluorine salts and bromine salts.
Gujarat Organics
Manufacturer and distributor of fine acids and amides including p-hydroxy benzoic acid, IP, salicyclic acid and derivatives in technical and USP grades.
Wuhan Youji Industrial
Manufacturer of sodium benzoate and benzyl chloride derivatives, sodium benzoate, including benzoic acid and 2-cyano-toluene.
Xuzhou KWS Disinfectant
Chlor-alkali manufacturer of dichloro isocyanurate and trichloro isocyanuric acid.
Changzhou ChangMao Biochemical
Producer and developer of bioengineered and fine chemicals including food-grade fumaric acid and l-aspartic acid and other chiral compounds.
Taiyuan Qiaoyou Petrochemical
Manufacturer of tar benzene-based products including pure benzene, maleic anhydride, toluene, dimethylbenzene and other petrochemicals.
Qingdao Langyatai
Manufacturer of itaconic acid, cider and high-grade grain spirits.
PVS Chemicals
International manufacturer, distributor and marketer of industrial chemicals and environmental services, including potable water treatment systems.
BG Chemicals
Products include chirals, drug intermediates, acids, vitamins and specialty solvents. Marketing representative for a custom bench-scale manufacturer of fine organics.
Dantu Fertilizer
Manufacturer and developer of basic and fine chemicals including ammonia, 2, salicylic acid, salicylamide, glycine, benzene , liquid ammonia, 3 OTM acid, carbon ammonia and naphthalene-based compounds.
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