Chemical Catalysts Selection Synthesis and Catalyst Guide - Chemicals Review

Super Urecoat Industries
Manufacturers of organic titanates used as catalysts in esterification, phenols, trans-esterification reaction, polymerization of epoxies, silicon and also as crosslinking agent in wire enamels and also as crosslinking agent in wire enamels, surface coatings, printing ink, etc.
Stella Chemifa
Japan based manufacturer of fluorine compounds, lithium ion electrolyte, semiconductor chemicals and fluorocarbons as well as other specialty products.
United Chemical Technologies (UCT)
Headquarters in Pennsylvania. Develops, manufactures and markets organosilicon compounds used in the clinical testing, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, research and manufacturing industries.
Carus Chemical Co.
Products are sold to municipal governments and wastewater management plants. Producer of potassium permanganate and sodium permanganate, which are used in pollution control.
Alfa Aesar
Range of products includes: Inorganics, Organics and organometallics, Pure elements, Precious metal compounds. International manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, metals and materials for research, development and production applications.
Digital Specialty Chemicals
Developer and producer of synthetic engineered reagents, nitrophenylboronic acids, specializes in chiral diols, boronic acids and other dedicated chemicals.
This company was capitalized by venture capital. Researcher and developer of nanoparticles, destructive adsorbents for toxic chemicals, catalysts, reactive nanoparticles and decontamination systems for both chemical and biological agents.
Solvent Innovation GmbH
Developer, synthesis and distributor of ionic solvents catalysis reactions and organic synthesis.
Ningbo Free Trade Zone T-Chemi Trading
Chemical importer and exporter, focuses on dyestuffs, bulk pharma & intermediates and catalysts.
Supplier of various grades of piperazine, aniline, and toluidine derivatives.
Advanced Asymmetrics, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of compounds for chiral synthesis in research and development quantities, auxiliaries, products include chiral precursors and catalysts.
Zhejiang Yongjia Chemical
Manufacturer of curing catalysts, rubber additives, sodium pyrosulfite and sodium sulphite.
Celanese Chemicals
International manufacturer and marketing of petrochemicals products include acids, polyols, solvents, monomers, amines, cellulose acetates , aldehydes, glycols, anhydrides and catalyst.
Pressure Chemical Co.
Products include organometallics and cholesteric liquid crystals. Products and services are sold to the electronics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Th. Manufacturer of research chemicals, fine organic chemicals and specialty polymers.
Strem Chemicals, Inc.
Based in Massachusetts. Manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals including metal catalysts and ligands for organic synthesis.
Dow: Selective Synthesis Chemical Catalysts
Offers Voranol Voractiv polyols, which dramatically reduce amine emissions from polyurethane foam, as well as selective synthesis chemical catalysts.
Catalytica Advanced Technologies
Involved in research, development and production of new high yield catalytic materials.
Solvent Innovation
Manufacturer of solvents as ionic liquids for catalysis and organic synthesis.
Jiangsu Feixiang Chemical
Producer of anionic, dyes and dye intermediates, catonic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants, fatty amines and dye intermediates, fatty amines, organic synthesis media and other intermediates.
Norac Company
California-based producer of organic peroxides, metallic stearates and pharmaceutical chemicals.
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