Catalysts and Heterogeneous and Catalyst Guide - Chemicals Review

Catalytic Combustion Corporation
Based in Wisconsin. Engineers, manufactures, services and reactivates new and replacement catalysts for various industries.
Based in Oklahoma. Provides catalytic converters, combination silencers and engine control systems to reduce emissions of industrial engines.
Zeolyst International
Located in Valley For. International supplier of zeolite catalysts and absorbents, including standard types of zeolites, molecular sieves, development and manufacture of specialized zeolite powders and catalysts, also provides technical services.
PTC Organics, Inc
Located in New Jersey. Develops and commercializes phase transfer catalysis processes for the manufacture of organic chemicals.
Johnson Matthey Chemicals
Manufacturer of precious metal chemicals and platinum-based catalysts.
Catalytica Inc.
Based in California. Offers catalytic process technology by using molecularly designed catalysts to transform industrial processes into more efficient and cleaner processes.
Grace Davison
Manufacturer of specialized zeolite supported catalysts.
CRI Catalyst Company
The prime activities of CRI International are research and development, servicing and handling, manufacture and supply and recycling of catalysts for the refining and chemical industries.
Parekh Platinum Ltd.
Based in India. Provides services for refining and recovering platinum from spent petrochemical catalysts.
Haldor Topsoe
Manufacturer of precious metal chemicals and platinum-based catalysts.
Cordonna Associates, Inc
Based in Pennsylvania. Offers a wide range of manufacturing, distribution, design and consulting services, specializing in air pollution control and water treatment technologies.
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