Catalysts and Catalyst Guide - Chemicals Review

Lawrence Industries
Distributor of specialty chemicals, minerals & catalysts.
Applied Ceramics, Inc.
Ceramic products include alumina, cordierite (MAS), mullite, zirconia and refractory materials. Also a manufacturer of kiln furniture which is sol. Manufacturer of ceramics and ceramic honeycomb catalyst supports for environmental applications.
Thomas Global Register: Catalysts
Search for suppliers of Catalysts. Industrial product directory allows users to send RFQs, view catalogues and compare suppliers.
Johnson Matthey Chemicals
Manufacturer of precious metal chemicals and platinum-based catalysts.
William B. Retallick Associates
Products and services are provided to catalyst manufacturers, defense contractors and research organizations. Provider of catalyst consulting services and developer of catalyst prototypes used in research.
Amoco Corporation
Offices located in New Jersey USA. International manufacturer of specialized organimetallic catalysts.
Our catalysts are high value products crucial to making the chemical building blocks of medicines, food and drink to technologies such as car exhausts, clothing, furnishing, oil refining and drink to technologies such as car exhausts, oil refining, brewing and power generation.
Mineral Research and Development
Products include catalyst for permanent press fabric, electrolytes in dry cell batteries, raw materials for the water treatment, automotive, steel, oil, rubber, and concrete additive ind. Manufacturer of high purity inorganics and metallic salts.
Shell Chemicals
International developer and manufacturer of petrochemicals, lower olefins, phenol, styrene monomer, polypropylene, polyethylene, specialty additives , ethylene glycols, aromatics, products include solvents and catalysts.
MEL Chemicals Group (MEI)
Worldwide producers of zirconium chemicals and oxides.
Dow Corning: Catalysts
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and catalysts.
Kinsbursky Brothers
Offers integrated recycling solutions, fully permitted part B TSDF facility specializing in non-lead acid battery chemistries, auto and petrochemical catalyst and precious metal refining.
JM Noble Metals
Manufactures catalysts and pollution control systems, ceramic colors, formulates specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical compounds, and produces pigments and liquid precious metals.
W.R. Grace & Co. / Grace Davison
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of fluid-cracking, industrial and polyolefin catalysts and silica based products.
Süd-Chemie Inc.
Also manufactures rheological additives, desiccants, humidity indicators, industrial minerals, and skin protectants. Produces catalysts, adsorbents, and additives for industrial and consumer markets.
Indian Petrochemicals
Petrochemical manufacturer supplying polymers, solvents, industrial chemicals, catalysts, adsorbents , fiber intermediates, surfactants, synthetic fiber and other specialty chemicals.
Celanese Chemicals
International manufacturer and marketing of petrochemicals products include acids, polyols, solvents, monomers, amines, cellulose acetates , aldehydes, glycols, anhydrides and catalyst.
Zeolyst International
Located in Valley For. International supplier of zeolite catalysts and absorbents, including standard types of zeolites, molecular sieves, development and manufacture of specialized zeolite powders and catalysts, also provides technical services.
CRI Catalyst Company
The prime activities of CRI International are research and development, servicing and handling, manufacture and supply and recycling of catalysts for the refining and chemical industries.
Based in Oklahoma. Provides catalytic converters, combination silencers and engine control systems to reduce emissions of industrial engines.
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