System and Ground Support Facilities for Spacecrafts and Space Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Thomson Racal Avionics (TRA)
Avionics system integrator and contractor, providing integrated logistics support for equipment and systems. Manufacturer of airborne satellite communications products and navigation systems.
SED Systems Inc.
Canadian advanced technology company specializing in space, satellite test and control, communications and in custom electronic system manufacturing.
Techno-Sciences, Inc.
Provider of software engineering research and development services. Manufacturer of SARSAT(tm), a satellite aided search and rescue system used to locate downed airplanes, ships, or people lost at sea.
Lockheed Martin International Launch Services
The company is also the exclusive distributor of the Atlas and Proton launch systems manufactured by Lockheed Martin. The Atlas family of launch vehicle configurations includes the Atlas IIA and IIAS and II. Developer of launch vehicle systems.
Ground Support Equipment
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Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC)
AEDC mission i. Diverse complex of aerospace ground test facilities, with 58 aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket and turbine engine test cells, space environmental chambers, arc heaters, ballistic ranges, and other specialized units.
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