Space Vehicles and Space Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Hexcel Corporation
Vertically integrated supplier of advanced composite materials.
Harper International Corporation
Processes advanced ceramics, including aluminum nitride, boron nitride, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and other non-oxide materials. Provides thermal systems which operate at temperatures up to 3,000C under a variety of process atmospheres.
Astro Met
Manufactures products and components and offers services utilizing its skills in sintering (baking or firing materials at a very high temperature) ceramic or metal powders into either dense or porous shapes, finished to customer designed shapes .
Petersen Machine Pioneer Products, Inc.
Supplier of parts that also offers machining capabilities, and a equipped contract tool, assembly services and model shop.
Product range includes various types of honeycomb, panels, formed, milled parts and drop-in parts for a wide range of industries, especially for the aeronautical industry. Manufactures lightweight products based on honeycomb core.
Protocast/John List Corporation
Operates the 'Lost Wax' investment facility pouring aluminum, military, copper based and steel alloy castings to supply precision castings to the aerospace and recreational fields.
Glenair, Inc
Company article on its role in developing Composite Thermoplastics. Produces commercial and Mil-Spec electrical connector accessories.
Cape Canaveral Rocket and Missile Programs
Space Shuttle Program Background and Fact Sheet.
Abrasive Technology
Manufactures and sells electroplated, machining, metal and resin bonded superabrasive diamond and CBN tooling for creep feed grinding, form grinding and polishing applications.
NASA Kennedy Space Center
Responsible for the checkout, launch and landing of the Space Shuttle and its payloads.
ECS Composites
Designer and manufacturer of transit cases, thermoplastic composite cases, rackmount cases and transportable enclosures for commercial and military electronic equipment, specializing in compression molded thermoset composite cases and rotationa.
The chromium coating provides a protective finish that offers added density, hardness, adhesion and micro-nodularity. A hard-surfacing technique applied by a rigidly controlled proprietary process.
Timken Latrobe Steel
A Timken Company subsidiary, high-strength, is a high-quality specialty steel maker offering grades of high-speed, tool and die and bearing steels.
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Hago Precision Nozzles
Nozzle manufacturer who fabricates all of its components in-house.
Honeywell Space Systems - Space Shuttles
Designs, integration into spacecraft, developes, and manufactures digital avionics, commercial and military off-the-shelf integration and military off-the-shelf integration, displays, and others.
Boeing Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle home page.
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