Rockets and Launch Vehicles and Space Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

E'Prime Aerospace
Company involved in satellite launching and payload delivery for commercial and government clients.
Boeing Company - Delta Expendable Launch Vehicles
Information about the Delta family of launch vehicles ( from the medium-capacity Delta II to the heavy-lifting Delta IV EELV), designed to meet launch requirements for government and commercial customers to deliver medium-to-heavy-class payloads.
Chinese Acadamy of Launch Vehicle Technology CALT
Provides design, development, production and testing of launch vehicles and offers commercial launch services for worldwide customers.
Applied Astronautics Corp.
Huntsville, Alabama company which is developing the Hyperion family of launch vehicle for small sub-orbital and orbital missions.
Carleton Technologies
Engineers and manufactures high-performance composite-wrapped pressure vessels for launch vehicles and spacecraft applications.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration / Kennedy Space Center
Selected technological strengths include environmental monitoring, sensors, corrosion protection, bio-sciences, process monitoring, work planning/control and met. Research and development organization specializing in aerospace design engineering.
Aereon Corp.
This company was capitalized by private investment. Research and development organization specializing in aeronautical vehicles.
Dealy Strategy Group, The
Based in Washington, DC. Offers consulting and transaction negotiations for the satellite, launch vehicle, wireless telecommunications, Internet and e-commerce industries.
Orbital Sciences Corp.
Designer and manufacturer of space infrastructure systems, tracking antennae, military automatic test equipment, defense computer systems, comm, space vehicles, satellite tracking systems, scientific satellites and/control equipment, weapons mana.
Spacehab, Inc.
Parent/holding company with a high-tech unit involved in satellite preparation services. Products and services are sold to the aerospace industry. This company. Manufacturer of space habitation modules for the Space Shuttle and the Space Station.
French-registered company created in a joint Russian-European program to offer the Soyuz family of launch vehicles;
Product Launch Co
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News on the X-33/VentureStar program, a single-stage-to-orbit reusable space plane (SSTO RLV) which will be operational in 2004.
Astro Research Corporation
Canadian branch office of Astro Research Corporation of Japan, optical system design, offers technical consulting service in space, electronic, analysis and testing and offers information and easier access to space and testing and offers information and easier access to space, electronic, optical related i.
Specializes in space mission analysis and . California-based corporation covering commercial, military, and scientific missions from small, low-cost programs to multi-billion dollar, multi-satellite constellations and a family of launch vehicles.
Beal Aerospace
Designs, builds and operates large 'heavy-lift' vehicles specifically for commercial satellite payloads.
GWIC China Great Wall Industry Corporation
Exclusive organization authorized by the Chinese Government to provide Long March launch vehicle services to the world market.
High Altitude Research Corporation (HARC)
Launches small payloads into sub orbital and orbital space, conducts high-altitude research into weather phenomenon, and performs rocket test and analysis services.
Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
Research and development facility solely dedicated to support of the US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.
Commercial space exploration and development company; acquired patents, intellectual property rights and a large quantity of rocket motor and launch vehicle designs produced by the former American Rocket Company (AMROC) which are being develop.
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