Propulsion systems for Spacecraft and Space Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Atlantic Research Corporation
Specializes in defense products, space propulsion systems, advanced composite materials and automotive air bag inflators.
Space Atlantic Research Corporation
Included topics; post boost propulsion systems, thrusters, and fuel tanks. Corporation offering specializing in Space Propulsion for liquid systems, solid systems and electric systems.
Pratt & Whitney
Design, military and general aviation aircraft, manufacture and support of engines for commercial and space propulsion systems.
John Glenn's Mission of Discovery
Article concerning John Glenn Research Center to serves as NASA's lead center for research in aeropropulsion, aerospace power systems and satellite communications.
Boeing - International Space Station (ISS)
An ISS Overview, a section to which information about successive ISS missions will be added as the construction of the station proceeds.
Aerospace Propulsion and Power Program
Goals to develop and advance multidisciplinary propulsion technologies.
Some Novel Space Propulsion Systems
Article by Forrest Bishop, maintained by the Foresight Institute.
New Space Propulsion Systems
Web site focusing on propulsion related issues, existing propulsion ideas, explaining the challenges of interstellar travel and the possibilities emerging from scientific literature.
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