Propulsion for Spacecrafts and Space Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

WSPC and CP Technologies
CP sells motor making supplies, rocket body tubes, nosecones, fin material, electronic . Performs Government and aerospace industry contracting in the areas of launch vehicles, sounding rockets, spacecraft and advanced rocket propulsion concepts.
Pratt & Whitney
Design, military and general aviation aircraft, manufacture and support of engines for commercial and space propulsion systems.
Cordant Technologies, Inc.
This company is the subsidiary/holding company of numerous high-tech units involved. Manufacturer of solid propellant rocket motors for the Space Shuttle and other launch vehicles and Army, Navy and Air Force strategic and tactical applications.
Hybrid Dynamics Aerospace Corporation
Jefferson, Georgia. Designer and manufacturer of Hybrid Propulsion Systems for rocket powered vehicles used in the space and defense industries.
Solar Sail
By DLR. Spacecraft which utilize the momentum transfer of solar photons onto large, highly reflecting sails for passive propulsion.
Cordant Technologies, Inc. / Thiokol Propulsion
Products include Castor(tm) series of rocket motors for commercial space vehicles, Navy and Air Force ballistic missile propul. Manufacturer of propulsion systems for commercial military rockets, demilitarization technologies and flare products.
Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society
Bay Area's non-profit liquid fuel rocket engine design and test team.
American Pacific Corp. (AMPAC) - Western Electrochemical Division
Specialty chemical company that includes production of fire protection agents and an oxidizer component used in solid rocket motors for space shuttles and defense programs.
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