Policies concerning Space Vehicles and Space Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

AXA Space
Subsidiary of AXA Group. Underwriting manager for space and telecommunications insurance.
General Astronautics
International space company formed to provide launch services to a wide range of commercial space users.
Space Systems Loral
Products are sold to commercial industries and to the government. Manufacturer of telecommunications and weather satellites.
HMX, Inc.
Developed operational hydrogen-peroxide throttling engine, designed and built components of propulsion system, and launch vehicle design.
Pioneer Rocketplane
Company dedicated to building a new, low cost, reusable satellite launch vehicle.
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Commercial space exploration and development company.
Kistler Aerospace Corporation
Developers of the fully reusable aerospace vehicle, the Kistler K-1.
Vela Technology Development, Inc.
Creator of the Space Cruiser®.
Scaled Composites, Inc.
Services are provided to the aircraft and space industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Provider of research and development, design, manufacturing and flight test services for proof-of-concept composite aircraft.
Launches Ariane 4 and Ariane 5 launch vehicles to put satellites and other auxiliary payloads into earth orbit. International producer, operator and marketer of commercial launch services.
Bristol Spaceplanes
Plans to develop the Ascender sub-orbital spaceplane. England-based company that provides technical assistance to commercial organizations and aerospace companies interested in low cost satellite launches and tourism in space.
Also a provider of launch support services and custom pharmaceutical manufacturing services. Products and services are sold to. Manufacturer of liquid and solid rocket propulsion systems, munition systems and electro-optical and sensor systems.
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