Equipment and parts for Launch Vehicles and Space Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Kelly Space and Technology
Engineering design and technology development company specializing in the design, and deployment of space launch systems, development, testing and deployment of space launch systems, intercontinental ballistic missile systems and advanced technology systems.
Carleton Technologies
Designs and manufactures space life support equipment, propulsion, and attitude control system components.
Capocci Logistics Services - Reusable Launch Vehicles
Scenario showing how the lessons of front-end logistics planning can be applied into the concept analysis and early design of RLVs.
Applied Aerospace Structures (AASC)
Manufacturer of lightweight composite and metallic structures and components for the aerospace industry.
Product Launch Co
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Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Information about this Chinese center which is suited for launching various geosynchronous communications and meteorology satellites using the Long March family launch vehicles.
AeroAstro, LLC
Services are provided to the government. This company was capitalized by private investment and corporate investment. Provider of satellite and satellite launch equipment design and contract manufacturing services.
Andrews Space and Technology - Launch Vehicle Database
News,news digest, and database about launch vehicles.
NASA Facts On Line - Kennedy Space Center
Information about NASA launch vehicles and facilities at the Kennedy Space Center.
An interactive archives on astronautics in the former USSR.
Liburdi Engineering Ltd.
Information about NASA launch vehicles and facilities at the Kennedy Space Center.
Hybrid Dynamics Aerospace Corporation
Based in Jefferson, Georgia. Designer and manufacturer of Hybrid Propulsion Systems for rocket powered vehicles used in the space and defense industries.
Andrews Space and Technology
News, news digest and database relating to lauch vehicles.
Aerospace Composite Products
Supplier of composite materials specifically developed for lightweight applications.
Cincinnati Electronics
Specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment's qualified for use on missiles, launch vehicles and spacecraft.
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