Engineering for Spacecraft and Space Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Spacecraft Engineering Division
By the Centre for Satellite Engineering Research.
Naval Center for Space Technology
Conceives, DoD, develops, and demonstrates space and aerospace systems and technology to meet Navy and National needs.
Computational Technologies
Developer and marketer of GENSATTM, software integration, a new systems software technology that brings powerful wide-area collaboration and simulation capabilities to the engineering and project management side of the enterprise.
Space Products and Applications (SPA)
Consulting company for spacecraft research and development, orbital mechanics, focusing on satellite dynamics and controls and spacecraft design.
Space Frontier Operations
Non-profit spacecraft engineering and operations company.
Czech Space Research Centre
Designs, develops and manufactures the electronic and mechanical part of satellite including design, development and manufacturing of test equipment for laboratory and integration.
Malin Space Science Systems
Designs, develops, and operates instruments that fly on robotic spacecraft.
Surrey Space Center
University of Surrey's new centre, combining the activities of academic research and teaching with the commercial activities of Surrey Satellite Technologies Limited.
Payload Systems, Inc.
Products and services are provided to the government. Research and development organization specializing in ground support operations and aerospace services; and manufacturer of flight computers and microgravity accelerometers.
Global Aerospace Corporation
Commercial research and development firm specializing in aerospace technology development, advanced system engineering, and innovative application of aerospace technology to business and government.
Spacecraft Engineering Department
Research and development activities range from concept and feasibility studies through initial on-orbit space systems operation. Serves as the focal point for the Navy's in-house spacecraft bus capability.
Broad Reach Engineering
Designs and builds spacecraft hardware and vehicles, ground support equipment, such as satellites, satellite subsystems, communication devices
Swales & Associates
Aerospace engineering firm with expertise in mechanical, electrical systems, thermal, optical, guidance and controls and controls, mission operations, graphics and computer support, and the design, development, and production of spacecraft, instruments,and m.
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