Softwares for Aerospace and Softwares Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

SoftWare 21
Developer of enterprise management system software for manufacturing.
Aerospace Software, Ltd.
Developer of WinHexCom, a 32bit Windows protocol analyzer with hexadecimal display features.
The software runs on IBM mainframes and 370 and 390 systems. Products are developed for the VM and VSE markets. Products are sold to multiple industries. Developer of emulation/simulation software.
Laser Design
Manufacturer of three-dimensional laser digitizing systems used for rapid inspection applications, rapid prototyping, including verification, manufacturing and process control.
Agile Software: PLM Software for Aerospace and Defense
Offers PLM solutions designed to help companies optimize the product lifecycle with enterprise-class solutions and value-driven implementations.
Boeing Space & Communications Group
Manufacturer of space-based systems and products that serve markets in commercial launch services, information and communications, human space flight exploration and missile defense and space control.
TEC / TEC Aviation Division
Products are sold to the aviation industry. This company w. Designer, manufacturer and distributor of aviation maintenance diagnostic instruments for propeller balancing, rotor track and balance, turbine fan trim balance and vibration analysis.
Excalibur Systems
Manufacturer of avionics test and simulation equipment.
Autometric, Inc.
Acquired by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems Division August 2000. Geospatial information technology and solutions company.
Intelligent Light
Software developer that produced FIELDVIEW, a software package that assists engineers in analysis of complex 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data.
MicroPower Software
Offers web development, web hosting and installation, design and programming, commercial and custom database development and installation, maintenance and support.
Software for private aircraft owners that combines 4 programs in 1: pilot logbook, operational alerts, cost tracking and partnership management.
Ampol Technologies
Software company that develops and markets leading edge real-time applications for development, integration and test facilities.
Software & Engineering Associates, Inc.
The software runs on Windows, UNIX, SUN and HP. This company was capitalized by private investment. Developer of aerospace engineering software programs.
RTX Systems
ARINC 429 testing and simulation products and hardware and software engineering services.
Camber Sensor Systems
Privately owned company that specializes in radar simulator software; and designs and manufactures RF, IR and EO sensor simulators, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) simulators and video boards.
Synaps, Inc.
Engineering consulting and software development firm with expertise in diverse areas, computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics, including aerodynamics and control and more.
Analysis & Computer Systems, Inc.
The software runs on UNIX, SUN SPARC and Windows platforms. Parent/holding company of a high-tech operating unit which provides software consulting services. Developer of defense communications software used in command and control applications.
Interface & Control Systems
Developed SCL software. Small business specializing in software used for command and control applications in aerospace, communications and transportation industries.
Software engineering services corporation specializing in real-time embedded systems in a variety of engineering disciplines, including commercial and military avionics.
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