Development and Research in Aerospace and R&D Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
Federally funded research and development center established by the Department of Defense with a broad charter to address the transition of software engineering technology.
Toyon Research Corp.
Services are provided to the aerospace industry. Provider of research and development services specializing in aerospace related applications.
University of California, Davis - Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Aeronautics centers and laboratories include Aeronautical Design Group, Environmental Aerodynamics and others. Laboratories performing research in aeronautics and other areas.
National Institute for Aerospace Research
Institution engaged in research of fluid mechanics and flight dynamics, experimental aerodynamics and engineering assistance to industry.
Advanced Materials Corp.
The company has developed high energy, high density magnetic materials for use in electromechanical device. Provider of research and development services and design engineering services specializing in defense, materials and vehicle development.
Research and Technology Organization (RTO)
Research panels include applied vehicle technology, sensors and electronics technology and others. Research arm of NATO, formed by the merger of the Advisory Group for Aerospace Research (AGARD) and the Defence Research Group (DRG).
Pacific Sierra Research Corp.
Developer of computational fluid dynamics. Provider of prototype instrument development, custom applications programming and computer consulting services specializing in high performance computers, FORTRAN optimization and modeling applications.
Space Systems Laboratory, University of Maryland
Human factors research laboratory designed to improve productivity of human working in space, both inside a spacecraft and during extrvehicular activity (EVA) excursions.
Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)
NASA research institute located near Columbia University in New York City, primarily engaged in studies of global climate change.
Instrumentation Technology Associates (ITA)
Provides commercial access to space by designing, manufacturing and leasing experiment hardware for microgravity research.
Aerospace Corporation
Non-profit corporation created for scientific purposes, DoD, focusing on research, development and advisory services to customers such as US Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center and other agencies.
AFRL Munitions Directorate Research Facilities
Performs research and development of conventional armament and associated technologies.
Mit Lincoln Laboratory - Aviation Weather
Conducts research and develops weather systems and short-term forecasting systems to reduce weather-induced accidents and delays in terminal areas.
International Space Science Institute
Established to further interdisciplinary studies and interpret experimental data from multiexperiment satellites.
National Defense Center of Excellence for Research in Ocean Sciences (CEROS)
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program advancing innovative concepts to technology while leveraging existing facilities and infrastructure in Hawaii.
Austrian Space Agency (ASA)
Agency that provides coordination of projects in space research and technology, as well as advise and promote interest and cooperation in the agency's activities.
Global Technologies
Technology management company whose mission is to bring aerospace and other technologies from the laboratory into the commercial market via licensing.
Astrox Corp.
Services are provided to the DoD and NASA. This company was capitalized by private investmen. Provider of research and development services in the areas of engineering, custom applications software programming services and conceptual aerospace.
Agile Software: PLM Software for Aerospace and Defense R & D
Offers PLM solutions designed to help companies optimize the product lifecycle with enterprise-class solutions and value-driven implementations.
Strategic Analysis, Inc.
Products and services are provided to the government and to the Departments of Defense and Energy. Provider of defense contract and superconductor materials research and development services.
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