Sensors and Navigation systems and Navigation, guidance and detection Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Banner Engineering
Products include self-contained and special use sensors, hazardous and harsh duty sensors and remote sensors and amplifiers. Produces photoelectric sensors and fiber optics for a wide range of applications.
A broad aviation product line including aviation controls, airport systems, and air transport systems.
Laseroptronix: The Electro Optical Warehouse
Supplier of electro optical systems and lasers, including laser rangefinders and radar systems.
Manufacturer of servo-controlled, precision motion systems for test and calibration of navigation instruments and sensors.
Designs and manufactures tracking and image processing sub-systems, digital and analogue servo design, including hardware and software design, as well as gun prediction software and analogue servo design, electro optical sensors and other capabilities with applications i.
The sensor is suitable for precise missile. Products are sold to the government and commercial . Manufacturer of Tidget (tm), a sensor device that can be used for locating vehicles and other objects when combined with a communication data link.
Northstar Technologies
Produces a diverse line of electronic navigation equipment for marine, recreational, avionics, agricultural, and other emerging land-based markets; including the Yardmark product and other emerging land-based markets; including the Yardmark product, an automatic golf-yardage system designed in partnership with a c.
Astronautics Corporation of America
Produces flight and navigation instruments, autopilots, air data computers and other electronic systems.
Honeywell: Electronic Compassing Magnetic Sensors
Magnetic sensors complement GPS navigation with more precise headings for air, land and water-based navigation systems.
Top-Vu Technology, Inc.
Developer of GaAs microsensor systems, including readout electronics, accelerometers, gyroscopes, analog-to-digital converters and digital signal processors. Products and services are provided to NASA, the aer. Provider of chip design services.
Products include advanced sensors, displays and integrated flight control products; military GPS-based navigation, com/nav/surveillance sensors, data lin. The communications and aviation electronics business of Rockwell International Corporation.
Knight Systems
Based in Southern California. A leader in the creation of navigation software and navigation systems concepts.
Provides analysis, sonars, hydrophone arrays, signal processing , ocean navigation, noise measurement, design and manufacturing of underwater acoustic systems for communication and tracking.
Ion Optics
Develops sensor systems, MEMS gas sensor, including the pulsIR infrared emitter and new technologies in sensor design and manufacturing.
Products have included spectrometer development on the next generation chemical agent detection equipment. Designs, develops and manufactures precision electro-optical sensors and measurement solutions.
Israel-based representation and consultancy company, supplying technical and commercial electro-optical solutions to Israeli industry and research establishments.
Banner Sensors
Sensor for every industrial need - ultrasonic, safety, vision & more.
CMB Components, Inc.
Reseller of semiconductor components. Services are provided to semiconductor manufacturers and users. This company was capitalized by private investment. Provider of semiconductor coating and plating services.
Manufacturer of measuring and testing technology and sensor products.
Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. (BATC)
Provides electro-optical instruments for space missions, surveillance and defense. Designer and manufacturer of spacecraft and space systems, sensor technology, cryogenic subsystems, communication and antenna systems.
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