Guidance and Navigation and Navigation, guidance and detection Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Oceaneering International, Inc. / Offshore Field Development
Services include the development and operation of mobile offshore production systems and related hardware for deepwater development. Manufacturer of underwater manifolds, underwater umbilicals, subsea. Provider of underwater engineering services.
The sensor is suitable for precise missile. Products are sold to the government and commercial in. Manufacturer of Tidget (tm), a sensor device that can be used for locating vehicles and other objects when combined with a communication data link.
Jackson & Tull Chartered Engineers / Aerospace Engineering Division
Products are sold to aerospace industry. Manufacturer of ground support equipment for spacecraft.
Suppliers of GPS receivers as well as weather radios, furnature and residential and commercial radios.
Eastern Avionics International
Florida-based aircraft avionics company that sells and maintains aviation equipment, aircraft avionics, and other electrical instruments and instrumentation.
Defense products include guidance and navigation, optronics, aeronautical systems, avionics and piloting, UAVs and observation systems. International manufacturer of wireless communications, defense and automotive electronics.
Weem & Plath, Inc.
Products are sold to marine dealers, boat manufacturers, and electronics. Manufacturer of navigation equipment for ships, including autopilots, gyrocompasses, electrical distribution panels, sextants and magnetic compasses, clocks and barometers.
Lockheed Martin Management Data Systems / Reconnaissance Systems
Products are sold to defense industry. Manufacturer of electronic equipment including radar systems, guidance and control systems, reconnaissance systems, training systems and recorders and displays.
Humphrey, Inc.
Products include gyroscopes, accelerometers and potentiometers. Products are sold to the transportation, aerospace and defense industries. Manufacturer of guidance, control and navigation instruments.
Cincinnati Electronics Corp.
The vehicular com. Manufacturer of portable vehicular defense communication systems, radio microcircuits, IR cameras, IR detectors, IR imaging systems, spaceborne transponders, transmitters, encoders and decoders and flight termination receivers.
Control Products Corp.
Products are sold to aerospace industry. Manufacturer of aircraft control panel components and night vision goggle compatible lighting systems.
Fredwal, Inc.
Provider of electronics research and development and systems engineering services. Manufacturer of remote located calibration targets for radar systems, radar laser rangefinders, IR passive tracking systems and helicopter and aircraft simulators.
Gables Engineering, Inc.
The control systems include NAV/COM, ADF, ATC, TCAS and audio controls. . Manufacturer of aircraft communications systems, frequency control systems, avionics displays, automated test equipment, audio systems and accessories and wiring harnesses.
BAE Systems Integrated Defense Solutions
The company also provides consulting services. Subsidiary/holding company with units involved in defensive systems. Products and services sold to the military. Products and serv. Manufacturer of countermeasure systems, anti-radar countermeasures.
H.N. Burns Engineering Corporation
This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of laser radar components for military and commercial applications.
Tideland Signal Corp.
Products include buoys, fog signals, lanterns, racons, flashers/lampchangers, rotating beacons, solar electric generators and offshore aids to navigation systems. Products are sold to port and harbor aut. Manufacturer of marine navigation aids.
Twin Disc, Inc.
Products include hydraulic torque converters, marine transmissions, power-shift transmissions, marine surface drives, water jets, universal joints, gas turbine starting . Manufacturer of heavy-duty transmission equipment for off-highway vehicles.
Litton Industries, Inc. / Marine Systems
Products are sold to commercial markets and to the military. Manufacturer of avionics and shipboard radar systems and marine navigation and control systems.
Designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of advanced aerospace products and intelligent electronic systems for government and commercial customers, develops, integrates and supports a wide range of advanced aerospace products and intelligent electronic systems for government and commercial customers, including the SCR500 series of digital flight data and cockpit voice.
Flash Technology Corp. of America
The obstruction marking systems are high and medium intensity beacons which are used to mark tall buildings and broadcast and communications towers to mark obstructed airspace. High intensity li. Manufacturer of aircraft ground support equipment.
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