Detection and Search Equipment and Navigation, guidance and detection Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Canadian Nondirectional Radiobeacons
Provider of links and a searchable database for Canadian nondirectional radiobeacons.
EMF Systems, Inc.
Producer of synthesizers, multicouplers and microwave receivers. Products are sold to air/space systems companies and commercial customers. Manufacturer of voltage controlled, crystal, phase locked and dielectric resonator oscillators.
Research International
Firm develops, manufactures and markets sensors and sensing systems sold under various trade names.
NDS Products, Inc.
Products and services are provided to the medical, aerospace, automotive, petroleum and mining industries . Manufacturer of nuclear radiation equipment and provider of environmental radiation detection services including soil and water analysis.
AMETEK Rotron Technical Motor Division
Manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors for military and commercial appplications.
Bruker Daltonik - NBC Detection Technology
Supplier of nuclear, biological and chemical detection products.
Business unit of Saint-Gobain Industrial Ceramics, measurement, which designs and manufactures advanced products for radiation detection and imaging.
Manufacturer of photoemissive technology products, including image and vacuum detectors, camera systems and electronics.
RJE International
Supplier of underwater locator beacons used on flight data recorders or black boxes. Worldwide distributor of sonar products for military, commercial and sport diving markets.
Radar Technology, Inc.
In addition they are a parent company of a division that manufactures instrumentation controls for the biotechnical and pharmaceutical . Manufacturer of discriminators, RF detection systems, telemetry receivers and IF and logarithmic amplifiers.
ITT Industries, Inc. / Gilfillan Division
Products are sold to the government and the military. Manufacturer of air traffic radar systems, ground defense radar systems/equipment, land and sea-based air defense radar systems and electronic surveillance systems.
Bruhn Newtech
An international company that specializes in the development and maintenance of management information systems for operations in the nuclear, biological and chemical battlefield and civil emergency-response environments.
MGP Instruments
Producer of radiation detection instrumentation, including nuclear, biological and chemical detection equipment for monitoring initial and residual radiation and toxic warfare gases.
Enterprise Electronics Corporation
Produces meteorological surveillance and analysis equipment, Windfinding Radar, Surveillance Radar, general purpose Tracking Radar, including basic and special purpose Doppler Weather Radar and Meteorological Data Analysis Software.
Thermo Eberline
Manufacturer of radiation measurement and detection equipment. Products are sold primarily to the nuclear power industry, to DOE and DOD labs, to the military and to the medical industry. Formerly known as Eberline Instruments.
Litton Industries, Inc. / Guidance & Control Systems Division
The systems are used by international militaries in aircraft, torpedoes and ships for navigation purposes. The company is delivering ring laser gy. Manufacturer of inertial guidance and navigation systems and attitude heading reference systems.
RD Instruments
Products are used for marine navigation and oceanographic studies of water currents. Products are sold to the fishing industry and to research and development firms. Manufacturer of acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP) and sonar devices.
L-3 Communications - Undersea Warfare Systems
Supplier to navies worldwide of high-performance undersea warfare systems for surface, subsurface and helicopters, as well as weapon systems and mine countermeasures.
Diarcy Technologies -- Military / Defense Capabilities
Developer, manufacturer and distributor of radiation detection equipment.
Signatron Technology Corp.
Products are sold to th. Manufacturer of radar subsystems, over-the-horizon radio communications equipment, signal processing equipment and radio astronomy equipment including data acquisition racks, position location systems and data recorders.
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