Submersibles and Submarines and Military Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Electric Boat Corporation
Designer and builder of nuclear submarines for the US Navy.
A & J Manufacturing Company
California based manufacturer and supplier of electronic enclosures and equipment installation kits, hatches, that include such advantages as full EMI/RFI shielding and disassembly for passage through doorways and around tight corners of ships .
Craft Machine Works
Specializes in water control equipment and large, custom metal products.
Manufactures heating, appliance, air conditioning, ventilating, and air cleaner filters for NASA and air cleaner filters for NASA, nuclear power plants and submarines, hospitals, electronics manufacturing, and manufacturers of original equipment.
Hydrobond Engineering & Hydrocable Systems
Also offers supply of cables, connectors and complete cable systems. Major international manufacturer of underwater electrical connectors, penetrators, cable terminations and underwater lights.
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