Protection with Armor and Military Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Nuclear radiation detection instruments.
Products include protective clothing, masks and decontamination and neutralization kits. Source for nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) personal protective equipment and services.
Nuclear radiation monitor.
Delta Scientific
Manufacturer of control systems and crash rated, high security barricade systems.
Supplier and retailer of public safety and military uniforms and equipment to individuals, companies, organizations and governmental agencies.
Specialty Defense Systems
Produces the PASGT Vest, heat, capable of protection from exploding shrapnel and fragmentation; the Combat Vehicle Crewman Vest, capable of protection from spall, fire and fragmentation for armored vehicle personnel and fragmentation for armored vehicle personnel, and many other defense prote.
Point Blank Body Armor
Products for all branches of the US Armed Forces include tactical and concealable ballistic armor vests. Produces protective products for law enforcement, tactical missions specialists, corrections professionals and the military.
Bowtech Products Limited
Suppliers of products for use in underwater, military, radiated environments, oceanographic and general harsh environments found in these industries.
H & S Manufacturing
Makers of soft armor, high performance Supreme® Protector fabric, stab resistant aprons, steel and ceramic plates, tactical load bearing gear, ballistic vests and custom crafted textiles for aviation, industrial, military and consumer ap.
Heflin Steel
Supplier of wear plate and armor plate, ordnance testing targets, including armor plate for combat vehicles and cut parts for vehicle manufacturers and target material for research laboratories and institutes.
Mofet Etzion
Produces military and civilian vehicle protection, including multi armor panels that can be used for protecting the inside structures of defense vehicles; and products adaptable for all types of vehicles without significant weight change.
Geiger International
Products include uniforms, boots, combat harnesses, armor and ballistic protection and more. Supplier of non-aggressive security logistic supplies for government and security organizations.
NDS Products, Inc.
Designs and manufactures nuclear radiation detection instruments.
Rexon Components, Inc.
Manufacturer of scintillators, nuclear radiation detectors, instrumentation and accessories.
Armor Holdings, Inc.
Products range from weapon lubricants and cleaners to military garments and special use shield plates an. Provider of security risk management services to multi-national corporations, governmental agencies, military and law enforcement personnel.
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