Parts and Equipment for Armed Forces Vehicles and Military Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

American Apex Corporation
Manufactures the caliber .50 Advanced Inbore Marksmanship Training Enhancement System for Tanks (AIMTEST), to provide high quality gunnery training.
Saymar Ltd.
Manufactures and distributes spare parts and assemblies for a wide range of combat and tactical military vehicles, British, including those of US and Russian origin.
Howden Airdynamics
Engineering oriented manufacturing company that designs and manufactures high performance fans, compressors and related components for the defense, marine and aerospace markets.
Marketplace for military vehicles,services and equipment.
Sarafan Truck and Equipment
Military vehicles and parts for all working applications.
Buy Military Gear
Large selection of military gear and equipment at U.S. Cavalry
Sam's Surplus
Large selection of M-151 parts and assorted vehicles.
Simex Equipment Inc.
Supplier of high quality spare parts, assemblies for a wide range of combat and tactical military vehicles to the Canadian Defence Department and to Defense Forces around the world.
Axles & Gears Inc.
Supplies used truck parts, military surplus truck parts and power steering.
Champ Spares UK
Supplier of brake, petrol pumps and carborator kits for a wide range of vintage military, 4x4 and commercial vehicles.
AM General Corporation
Designs, engineers and produces military and special purpose vehicles.
Saturn Surplus
Selection of military vehicle parts for the M880 Dodge, M151 Jeep, as well as Military Standard Engines Used on Generator Sets, Compressors, and Lube Service Units. Surplus store featuring military surplus.
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