Land Rover and Jeeps and Military Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Surplus City
Provider of automotive parts and accessories, trucks, including arts and service manuals for military jeeps and civilian jeep models.
Off-Road.Com - Military Jeeps: MA, MB and GPW
History and product information on MA, MB and GPW military jeeps.
Tactical Truck
Provider of military vehicles and set dressing for the movie, television and film industries.
Incidental Motor Vehicle Operator - HMMWV Vehicle Characteristics
Lesson introducting the high-mobility multipurposed wheeled vehicle (HMMWV)and identifying its characteristics.
Surplus Enterprizes, Inc.
Complete line of military HMMWV/ HUMVEE parts.
We Be Jeepin'
Personal web site with links and information on jeeps, including a history of military jeeps.
Un SUV sur et confortable sur tous les terrains
Accurate Armour
Producer of military models and model kits.
Gichner Shelter Systems - Military Shelters HMMWV
Provider of HMMWV/small-vehicle shelters, foam-and-beam or honeycomb mobile units that transport and operate communications and electronic equipment to the field.
Technical drawings and specifications for MB/GPW jeeps.
Owens Export Service
Supplier of military vehicles, military surplus, army jeeps, parts and electronics.
Gallery of pictures of vehicles, including military vehicles such as the AM General HMMWV.
Jeeps Tech
Information and bibliography on various jeep models and parts.
M*V*P* Military Vehicle Parts
List of parts and prices available for jeeps and other military vehicles, including lists of dealers of motor vehicle parts.
Showcase of scale Vietnam-era military vehicle miniatures and information for the hobbyist.
AM General
Producer of military and special purpose vehicles, including the HMMWV.
Wenzlau Engineering
Provider of engineering solutions for the protection and mobilization of sophisticated electronic systems.
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