Data Resources Defense and Aerospace and Military Guide - Aerospace and defense Review
A subscription based on-line service providing users with the ability to search US Department of Defense databases for reference information about millions of National Stock Numbers.
American Systems Consulting, Inc.
Provider of software consulting services, computer systems analysis services and custom applications software progra. Developer of military/defense software, distribution management software, inventory management software and barcoding software.
DOD Dictionary of Military Terms
Also includes the DOD Dictionary and the Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations master data base. Joint Publication 1-02 web page that allows browsing or searching for definition and usage of individual terms.
DoD Information Analysis Center (IAC) HUB Page
System developed to Help U Better find and navigate through information about the DoD IACs.
Defence Statistics 1999
In PDF format. House of Commons Research Paper 99/112 which brings together the more commonly used statistics relating to defense expenditure and manpower.
Provides quick-reference listing of the top Defense web sites, a database of all registered Defense web sites and link. Official web site for the US Department of Defense, to serve as the starting point for finding US military information online.
Databases include usni military database, pentagon blue tops, daily defense news capsules and special reports. Source for defense and military information.
Defense Technical Information Center
DoD and Government Internet Resources.
Federation of American Scientists
Privately-funded non-profit policy organization engaged in analysis and advocacy on science, technology and public policy concerning global security.
Armour Archive
Includes vehicles in museums and private collections; memorials; and battlefield, roadside and range relics. Register of preserved tanks and other armored vehicles around the world recording the location and details of all.
Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO PrepCom)
Information on the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and activities to establish the global verification regime foreseen in the Treaty.
Defense Research Engineering Network (DREN)
A sophisticated and robust DoD communications network.
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