Ammunitions and Military Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Centurion Ordnance, Inc.
Wholly owned subsidiary of TECNOS and an exclusive importer of Aguila ammunition in the United States.
Surplus, Military & Industrial
Surplus electronic parts equipment, post office lock box fronts, military items
Honeywell International Inc. / Federal Manufacturing & Technologies
Products are sold to the government. Manufacturer of mechanical, electromechanical and other non-nuclear components for nuclear weapons.
Rising Sun Munitions
Specializes in low-budget, high performance smart-missiles and bombs for military and civilian usage.
EAI Corporation
Source for nuclear, with specialties in counterterrorism, environmental remediation, CW disposal, and chemical (NBC) defense, CB arms control, biological and laboratory analysis.
Galion, Inc.
Products are sold to the military industry. Manufacturer of high-caliber ammunition casings for the military.
Russian Weapons Catalogue
Provides precise specifications, tanks, photos and video for more than 200 types of up-to-date russian weapons systems: aircraft, missiles, helicopters
International Launch Services
The company is also the exclusive distributor of the Atlas and Proton launch systems manufactured by Lockheed Martin. The Atlas family of launch vehicle configurations includes the Atlas IIA and IIAS and IIIB. Developer of launch vehicle systems.
Colt's Manufacturing Co., Inc.
These firearms are marketed to U.S. and foreign governments, law enforcement agencies and consumers. Firearms include sporting rifles, revolvers, pistols and military rifle. Manufacturer of military, security, sporting and commemorative firearms.
Cascade Ammunition
Private mail order retailer for ammunition.
ILC Dover, Inc.
Manufacturer of space shuttle suits; protective masks and hoods for military and civilian use; tethered aerostats; aircrew hoods, helmets and suits; chemi. Manufacturer of protective clothing and equipment for defense, aerospace and civilian use.
Atlantic Research Marketing Systems, Inc
Products are sold to the military and firearms industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of adapters and mounts for small arms weapons A.R.M.S.(R) Throw levelers.
Metric Systems Corp.
The vertical launching system is used by the Navy before deck launching, for vertical launches of first line missiles. The radar training simulator is . Manufacturer of vertical launching systems, radar training simulators and missile simulators.
Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc. / Aerospace and Defense
The company also develops technologies including laser/fiber optic initiation systems, plastic-bonded explosives and multipoint initiation systems. The high-reliability ordnance s. Manufacturer of high-reliability ordnance systems and components.
Agile Software: PLM Software for Defense & Armamentts R & D
Offers PLM solutions designed to help companies optimize the product lifecycle with enterprise-class solutions and value-driven implementations.
Federal Cartridge Co.
Gold Medal(tm) Ultra Match(tm) is a .22-caliber cartridge . Manufacturer of sporting and law enforcement ammunition, such as shotshell, centerfire and rimfire rifle cartridges; centerfire pistol and revolver ammunition; and ammunition components.
Manufacturer of forward illuminating munitions such as hand held rockets and cartridges for battlefield and search and rescue applications.
GM Defense - Delco Systems
Products are sold to the defense industry. Manufacturer of armament systems for land vehicles.
Cartwright Electronics
Products are sold to the Department of Defense and other target manufacturers and users. Manufacturer of electronic target scoring systems.
Conax Florida Corp.
Products are sold primarily to the U.S. government. Designer and manufacturer of pyrovalves, automatic inflators, and parachute releases.
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