Materials in Aerospace and Equipment and supplies Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Hakusui Tech
Manufacturer and seller of inorganic chemicals for the rubber, paint and ceramic industries and specialized machines and machine tools.
Nor-Ral Plastics
Composite tool design and fabrication business supplying customers in the aerospace, automotive, industrial and marine industries.
Aviation Consumables
Manufacturer and distributor of a variety of lubricants for aviation and industry, as well as equipment and accessories.
Mckechnie Plastic Components
Full-service thermoplastic contract global manufacturer and developer from product design and manufacturing support through final assembly and testing.
Products and services include ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings, metal stampings and contract machining. International supplier of precision products for aerospace and industry.
Royal Plastic
Designer and manufacturer of advanced composites for aircraft, defense, and microwave applications.
Magnolia Plastics
Manufaturer of custom-formulated epoxy compounds for aerospace, defense and other industries.
Chemical manufacturer that supplies cleaning and maintenance products globally as ITW Dymon brand or custom private label.
Solvay Advanced Polymers: Materials for Commercial Aircraft
Includes air grills, hinges, fasteners, and engine air components. Offers polymers used for commercial aircraft interiors, hardware, and engines.
Aerospace Composite Products
Supplier of composite materials specifically developed for lightweight applications.
Victrex: aerospace materials
Comes in unfilled grade for high purity applications or filled for improved strength, wear, and electrical conductivity. Makes Victrex PEEK polymer.
Aerospace Materials
See How to Reduce Costs, Part Weight & Assembly Time w/Plastics
Olflex Wire & Cable
Member of the LAPP Group of worldwide companies. Provider of a line of oil-resistant control, continuous-flex and torsional robotic cables.
Poco Graphite, Inc.
Products are sold to industrial manufacturers. This company was capitalized by corporate investment. Manufacturer of bulk synthetic graphite reinforcing material for semiconductor processes and other metallurgical applications.
Worldwide Composite Materials Search Engine
Search engine devoted to the materials, processes and companies involved in the composites industry.
EPI-Electrochemical Products
Manufacturer of specialty metal finishing chemicals and processes for industrial and commercial applications.
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