Fasteners in Aerospace and Equipment and supplies Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Automotive Racing Products (ARP)
Licensed by the US government to manufacturer MS-21250 fatigue-rated fasteners. Diversified manufacturer and supplier of fasteners for performance racing.
Mutrux & Associates Photography & Production
Producer of technical photography that includes aerospace fasteners and other industrial and commercial products.
Dowels, Pins & Shafts, Inc.
Florida-based manufacturer of precision straight, aircraft, electronic, military, automotive , solid dowels for the aerospace, medical, headless and commercial industries.
Aerospace Rivet Manufacturers Corp.
Products are sold to the aerospace industry. Manufacturer of rivets and fasteners.
Click Bond
Includes nutplates, studs, cable tie mounts, standoffs, bushings and more. Manufacturer of fasteners designed for adhesive bonding to structure.
Stuart Industries
Supplier of fasteners for the aerospace industry.
John Hassall
Manufacturer of custom pins, automotive, rivets and threaded fasteners for aerospace and commercial applications.
Monogram Aerospace Fasteners (MAF)
Product line of fasteners includes the MXP, Radial-Lok, Composi-Lok II, three-dimensional fasteners. Manufacturer of blind bolt technology in the aerospace industry.
The Fastener Group
Supplier of aerospace fasteners and military components such as bolts, pins, O rings, grommets, screws, nuts, keys, inserts and washers.
Alabama Aerospace
Inventory includes standard Mil-Spec and manufactures part numbers. Worldwide distributor of fasteners and electromechanical hardware.
Reid Products
Manufacturer and supplier of short-run aerospace fasteners, discontinued parts and nuisance items.
Aircraft Hinge
Manufacturer of aircraft hinges, sheet and plate stock (including titanium), with capability of working with aluminum extrusions and castings of different metals.
Aircraft Fasteners
Stocking distributor specializing in self-locking nuts, and related high performance hardware for the aerospace, threaded inserts and transportation industries.
HC Pacific
Stocking distributor of aerospace fasteners, overhaul facilities, distributors , subcontractors, airlines, serving aerospace original equipment manufacturers and the US government.
North American Spares (NAS)
Distributor of aircraft fasteners and spares, origninal equipment manufacturers, supplying precision aerospace products to airlines and overhaul facilities and worldwide governments.
SPS Technologies
Developer, manufacturer and supplier of fasteners and precision components to the aerospace industry.
Includes aerospace fastener suppliers. Registration required. Online procurement system operated by industry trade systems (ITS).
MBC Electronic Fasteners
Florida-based supplier of electronic fastening components to the electronic manufacturing, medical, aerospace and telecommunications industries.
Braided Steel/Aerotek Limited
UK-based supplier of hoses, fittings and aluminium and titanium fasteners for the motorsport, marine and aerospace industries.
Aero-Space Computer Supplies, Inc
Minnesota-based distributor of specialty fasteners, electronic components, and cable assemblies.
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