Equipment in Aerospace and Equipment and supplies Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Distributor of fasteners and small component parts, nuts, rings, fittings, springs, electrical connectors , bolts, pins, including screws and similar parts to aerospace, industrial and motorsports.
Glo-Quartz, Inc.
Products are sold to the aerospace and metal finishing industries. Manufacturer of industrial immersion heating equipment.
Fotofabrication Corp.
Products and services are sold to the aerospace industry. This company was capitalized by private investment. Custom manufacturer of thin metal parts including encoder disks, RF shields, washers, filters and screens.
Danmar Industries, Inc.
Products are sold to the aerospace industry. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, slip ring assemblies for satellite antennae and electrical contact brushes for AC/DC motors.
TDPA Aerospace
Products include machined products and assemblies for automotive, military, electronics, satellite and commercial industries. Manufacturer of precision-machined components for the aerospace industry.
Entec Composite Machines, Inc.
Developer of off-line pattern development software. Products are sold to the aerospace and defense industries. This company was cap. Designer and manufacturer of computer controlled filament winding, fiber placement and tape wrapping machines.
Kinetic Systems, Inc.
Products are used in semiconductor, medical research, quality control and laser applications. This company was capitalized by. Manufacturer and designer of vibration isolation tables, platforms, optical table systems, mountings and positioners.
Ametek Rotron
Serving the military, aerospace and telecommunications markets worldwide. Producer of military-grade AC and brushless DC fans, blowers, motors and power conversion devices.
AvSupport: Aerospace Equipment & Supplies
Provides 24 hour search capabilities to locate aerospace equipment and supplies through online worldwide network of inventories and auction listings.
Delphi: Aerospace Equipment
Products include aerospace equipment and fasteners. Offers expertise in the design of components that help improve overall product performance.
Inventory Locator Service (ILS)
Community of aviation and marine parts, equipment and service buyers and sellers.
Greene Tweed - Aerospace & Defense Group
Manufacturer of aerospace seals used for primary controls, braking systems, spoilers, valves, accumulators , landing gear, door actuators, engine ancillaries and reservoirs.
Kaiser Electroprecision
Manufacturer of liquid level indicators, composite rods and structures, solid-fuel rocket motor cases and nozzles, electro-mechanical precision assemblies, aircraft lavatory equipment and structures, aircraft lavatory equipment, aircraft ground support equipment, transmission/gear systems.
Deutsch Metal Components, Aerospace
Manufacturer of aerospace fluid fittings used to secure high-pressure hydraulics on aircraft, and in corrosive environments aboard combatant ships.
Equitable Engineering
Manufacturer of precision gears, curvic couplings for aerospace, splines and and machine tools.
Ransohoff: Aerospace Cleaning Supplies
Provides the aviation and aerospace industry with standard and customized aqueous cleaning systems.
Drexel International
Products include weapons, aircraft and vehicle systems and spare parts management. Professional management logistic organization providing products and parts for many aspects of military, civilian and industrial services.
Electronic Components
Access to large inventories-We'll help you find what you need (B2B).
A.E. Petsche
Distributor of aerospace wire and cable, aircraft manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers , including commercial and military, air carriers, serving a wide range of customers and numerous electronic OEMs.
Voxida Digital Voice Recording & Communications Monitoring
Immediate incident reconstruction for Clear-Com and Drake radio and telephone. COTS turnkey solutions for mission data and ATC communication logging.
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