Aerospace Composites and Equipment and supplies Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Flight Shop
Distributor of the CLICK BOND mechanical/adhesive fastening Systems.
Supplier or aerospace chemicals and adhesives, including custom fabrication of rubber and polyurethane components.
Keystone Crystal Corp.
Products are sold to the aerospace industry. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of optical electronic materials including cadmium telluride, cadmium zinc telluride and germanium and III-V compounds.
DuPont - Aerospace Enterprise
Worldwide science company whose products include plastics, composite structures and electronic components, elastomers, fibers, with applications in avionics and electronic components, with applications in avionics, airframe, propulsion and ground support systems.
Producer of sealants and adhesives used for aeronautic and aerospace devices, electronic panels and devices, moisture-free assembled parts and more.
IMP Aerospace
Consists of three divisions - Aerospace Avionics, Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance, and Aerospace Components; other capabilities include aerospace repair and overhaul and aerospace technical publications.
Includes weekly news and a composite materials suppliers directory. Resource for composite materials industry.
Dow Corning - Aviation/Aerospace
Producer of silicon-based technology, sealants, advanced protective coatings, encapsulants for sensitive electronics , greases, adhesives, including high-purity fluids and composite materials.
Watkins and Associates
Supplier of adhesives, automotive, transportation , coatings and sealants to the aerospace, marine, release agents and general industry markets.
Les fabricants et distributeurs
Aviation Products
Supplier of sealant, adhesives, epoxy resins and bonded parts to the aerospace industry.
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