Electronic Publications in Defense and Aerospace and Electronics Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

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Industrial Publications Links.
TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory (TNO-FEL)
This catalogue lists a selection of publications published in 1994 by staff members of TNO-FEL.
The Ruth H. Hooker Research Library
NRL Catalogs and Databases Links to Electronic Publications.
NASA STI Publications
Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports.
University of Toronto Electronics Group
Research Publications.
Measurement Technology in Avionics
By Technical University of Braunschweig and IDA.
Communication Sciences Institute
Department of Electrical Engineering-System full publications list.
Manufacturing Systems Integration Publications
Publications listed in reverse chronological order.
Honeywell BCAS
Business and Commuter Aviation Systems - Publications.
SPIE Electronic Publications
Journals also available. Search by technology.
Ariel Center for Policy Research (ACPR)
Publications on defense.
Cahners Electronics Publications.
Solid State Technology
Magazine dedicated to semiconductor manufacturing information and issues.
ERA Technology Ltd.
Avionics Publications.
D.W. Craik Engineering Library
Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering Electronic Journals.
List of theses and publications for Avionics and Systems.
National Aviation Research Institute (NARI)
Links to aviation publications.
University of Maryland Space Systems Laboratory
Publications, Electronic Mailing Lists, and Newsgroups.
Ada Information Clearinghouse
Journals and Magazines.
Aerospace Power, Propulsion, and Electronics
Site by the Institute for Space Systems Operations University of Houston.
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