Aerospace Electronics and Electronics Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Harvard Custom Manufacturing
Provider of contract manufacturing services for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the electronic industry.
Control Products Corp.
Products are sold to the aerospace industry. Manufacturer of aircraft control panel components and night vision goggle compatible lighting systems.
Connector Distribution Corp (CDC)
Specializes in Commercial, Military or Aerospace markets. Supplier and distributor of electronic connector technology throughout North America and the world.
Kaytech Industries Corp.
Distributor of fasteners and electronic hardware, serving the electronic, telecommunication and aerospace industries.
Thales Components Corporation (TCC)
Supplier to the medical, telecommunications, military, scientific, broadcast and industrial markets. Formerly known as Thomson Components & Tubes Corporation.
DBS Microwave
Develop and manufacture Microwave and MM-Wave products.
Specialist in military and commercial components
Electric Power Equipment Co.
Provider of custom and specialized electrical systems for the industrial market.
Wyvern Technologies
Products include flight computers, fuel control systems, weapon control systems and other electronics. Build to print electronics manufacturer for aerospace and defense contractors.
Southwest Sciences, Inc.
This company was capitalized by private i. Provider of research and development services in physical chemistry, optics and laser applications, for such purposes as improvements in gas detection, or diagnosis of combustion and chemical processes.
Eraser Co., Inc. (The)
Products are sold to the electronic industry. Manufacturer of IR heating tools, brushes and wire cutting, dereeling and stripping equipment.
Allied Data Systems
High technology company that imports, distributes and manufactures electronic systems for use in industrial and defense applications.
Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc.
Custom designer and manufacturer of defense related products including electronic warfare systems; provider of electro-optical instrument integration services; and manufacturer of remote sensing electro-optical measuring turnkey systems with acc.
Bryton Technology
Designer and manufacturer of electrical wire and cable harness assemblies for commercial and military applications involving difficult environmental conditions.
PEI Electronics Inc - Defense Electronics and Test Equipment
Supplier of militarized automatic test equipment (ATE) and electronics, Vehicle Electronics, including Flat Panel Displays, Power Supplies and software for the defense industry.
Direct Components
Independent stocking distributor of electronic components.
Interstate Electronics Corp
Involved in developing new technologies and products in the areas of military GPS, strategic weapons system, satellite communications and industrial and military LCDs. Anaheim, California
General Test Laboratory (GTL)
Provider of electronic components and environmental testing services for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and space agencies.
Aerospace Sales Industries
Based in Westminster, Maryland. Small business, woman-owned electronics distributor specializing in military and commercial wire, cable, connectors, relays, switches and accessories.
Symetrics Industries, Inc.
Products are sold to the Department of Defense. Manufacturer of defense ground support and missile equipment.
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