Consultants and Aerospace Engineers and Consultants and engineers Guide - Aerospace and defense Review

Teal Group
Subscription-based briefing book series available. Defense and aerospace consulting firm that provides competitive intelligence to government and industry.
Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants (APAC)
Provider of specialized consulting services that support satellite-based communications, launch services and remote sensing.
Aerospace Consulting
An independent wireless, microwave, rf, gps, and analog design and analog design, development, and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients design and develop wireless, RF, microwave, analog, DSP, and GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) circuits, systems, an.
Satellite Services
Designs, develops and produces space electronics and systems.
Privately held, small-business contractor, with minority ownership and 8(a) status founded by engineering professionals with a history of high-technology solutions.
STC Group, Inc.
Parent/holding company with high-tech units involved in carbon monoxide laser catalysts, pollution control consulting services, digital imaging enhancement services, environmental research and development, photonics consulting services
Round Table Engineering Corp. (RTEC)
Technical services company that provides real-time embedded computer system products and services to customers in the telecommunications, aerospace and defense markets.
A service provider for research in advanced technologies.
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Developed the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology (ERAST), a joint NASA-industry initiative resulting in the development and demonstration of aeronautical technologies by producing a family of remotely or autonomously operated .
Celeris, Inc.
Provider of systems integration services and aerospace consulting services. Software runs on various systems. Products and services are sold to multiple indust. Developer of high performance software for defense and entertainment applications.
Hanley Innovations
Applications include turbomachinery, automobile components, household equipment and hull design. Provider of custom scientific software de. Developer of high accuracy numerical simulation software of fluid flows, aerodynamics and heat transfer.
Technology Service Corp.
Provider of radar systems analysis and defense research services. Services are provided to . Researcher and developer of experimental radar systems, radar subsystems, radar environmental simulators, radar displays and COMINT/ELINT workstations.
Ranger Aerospace Corp.
A management and investment company which owns aviation services operations in 56 cities in North America and Europe.
Virtual Simulation and Training (VSAT)
Independent engineering and operational consultants representing various disciplines in the field of simulators and aircrew training systems.
Advanced Technologies, Inc. (ATI)
Aerospace engineering and fabrication firm specializing in display and wind tunnel models, composite blade development, test equipment and experimental aircraft.
Headway Consultancy
Independent software consultancy whose services cover aspects of information technology.
I.G.G. Component Technology
Independent parts procurement and screening agent for the space environment, managing the procurement and performing high-reliability tests of electronic components.
Sat Concept
Independent consultancy for space radio communications.
SoHaR Inc.
Services are provided to the government, utilities and to the aerospace industry. Provider of computer reliability, fault tolerance, flight control, process control and aerospace consulting services.
Analytic Solutions
Developer of a variety of aerospace projects.
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